Our core values – honesty and integrity in all our business dealings

  1. We offer the best advice possible – to every single one of our customers (individuals or companies).
  2. We keep full confidentiality of any information!
  3. We never reveal competitive information of a specific client to other clients.
  4. We never woo away employees from our clients.
  5. Once a candidate has signed a contract with our client, we do no longer approach him/her.
  6. We are fully committed to the protection of confidence of our candidates (unless a candidate has definitely proven that he/she is not trustable).
  7. Direct search does not necessarily mean we advertise positions in the media.
  8. Any information divulged is carefully examined (personal and company data).
  9. The suitability of potential candidates has been determined by analysing their application documents and in a personal interview.
  10. We do not let it come to last-ditch efforts!
  11. Our success lies in finding sustainable solutions.
  12. In general: we place quality before speed.